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  • Use the tabs to navigate between GENRE and THEME, and click on any keyword to return a result(s).
  • Once your result is returned you can then further filter the result using the REFINE RESULTS left hand side bar.
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How To Use This Site

  • We have developed the site to be as functional and easy to navigate as possible, based on searching and browsing.
  • You do not need to log in, or set up an account to use the site. All information is stored in session cookies, which means that your wish list will be stored for approximately one day and will then expire if you do not save your wish list, and will be stored for 30 days if you do save it.
  • You can carry out free text searches, or by composer, artist, and track title. Additionally you can carry out an advanced search if you know what you’re looking for. Searching is more suitable for users with classical music knowledge.
  • You can browse by 12 different genres and/or nearly 100 different themes. Browsing the site is more fun, and more suited to users with less classical music repertoire knowledge.
  • Browsing or searching will produce a results return based on the search term of the genre or theme you have browsed for.
  • Each of these results can then be filtered further to refine your search down to the last detail.
  • Each results return will display information about the track along with an audio clip.
  • You can add any result to your wish list.
  • The wish list can then be viewed, shared, saved, cleared or sent on to our Sony licensing representative via the form on the page.
  • The wish list will be received by our licensing representative who will then contact you to discuss your licensing requirements and complete the process with you directly. This is not a transactional site i.e. you cannot purchase content directly.
  • If you have any technical questions about the site itself please contact the site administrators at [email protected].
  • If you have a repertoire related questions please contact us directly from the contact page